is about furthering Mendocino's (the region's) truly local, positive, people and other living creature-oriented activities; creating, sharing and providing services and resources of benefit to the local community - and beyond - and to those who visit.

Only locally owned, non-corporate (excepting local non-profit) and actively positively engaged businesses and services will be found here.

Some examples of listings are: farms, stores and restaurants; services such as building, contracting, repairs, lumber and milling; art, design, healing arts, rentals, lodging and more; in short or summary, all the things you may need, want to know about or want day-to-day as provided by real (really good) people in service to you, themselves, their families and the community.

What is offered is a link to your website (if you use one and wish to have it listed) your contact information and a short, positive description tailored to your wishes and the best parts of what you create and what you offer the greater public. There will be room for a photo of you and your creations; your logo, service or business.

If you would like to know more about and what we can create together, to be listed here and have your service or enterprise listed here,

please email Peter White,, or call 707-937-2378.

Initial listings purchased at first contact will be $20.00 per year, that's all. The idea is that you receive focused, friendly, energetically driven, roots, down-home style, all-things-Mendocino and appreciation of its (your and our) virtues working on your behalf. You're good, we're all good! As the site expands there will be pages containing the above listings, and many more, dedicated to the Mendocino area and general medium of, for example: individuals, charitable groups, meeting venues such as halls or centers, teachers, yoga, health, health food, wi-fi spots, spas, artist, store, restaurant, inn, service, bicycles, horseback riding, weddings, entertainment, music, wineries, instruction, gifts, organic produce, farms, veterinarians, healing, medical practitioners, builders, tradespeople. and so on.

Again, independent, locally owned and operated; not franchises or "generic" corporations....!!!!!

The idea here is that you get the best possible promotion available: personal, positive and practical.